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UK National Contact Centre Awards open for 2022 nominations

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Described as ‘incredible’ and ‘game changing’, the UK National Contact Centre Awards (UKNCCA) is the largest programme that recognises the amazing talent within the UK contact centre industry, with CCMA members benefiting from free entry. Contact centres across the UK are invited to recognise the outstanding work of their teams and individuals by nominating them in the UK National Contact Centre Awards 2022. The deadline to nominate is 25 February 2022.

The online process is simple and there is plenty of support from the awards team. Organisers, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), have refreshed the categories and now include Change Maker and Best Contact Centre Culture in the longest running awards programme in the industry.

Other new categories include Data & Insights Manager of the Year, recognising the immense amount of insights in the contact centre and how this can be used to influence business change, and Customer Champion to identify those leaders that are driving a customer-centric culture in their contact centre. New category, Change & Innovation Team of the Year, aims to identify teams that have implemented a strategic change program in the last two years.

“It is a real honour to give colleagues across the industry an opportunity to recognise the people they work with on a National scale. Because they focus on the exceptional talent in our industry, it’s an opportunity for colleagues to not only say ‘thank you’ but to really benchmark how far they have come over the last 12-18 months,” says Steven Lee, Director of Consumer and Shopper Engagement EMEA, LEGO Group and one of the Head Judges for these awards.

If you’re not sure about the benefits of nominating for a UKNCCA, here are some of the reasons that previous organisations have taken part:

  1. Recognise a significant year of achievement
  2. Raise the profile of your team
  3. Benchmark your people/teams
  4. Give your people real recognition
  5. Engage your colleagues
  6. Attract new people
  7. Celebrate your achievements
  8. Join a community of exceptional contact centres, leaders, and teams

Above all, because you will only get true National recognition by entering the UK National Contact Centre Awards.

Find out more about entering here.

DOWNLOAD: The future of workforce engagement in the contact centre

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By Talkdesk

This year, as employers and employees navigate a work environment that is anything but “business as usual,” leaders in every area are discovering more questions than clear answers. And the contact centre is no exception.

While many uncertainties remain in determining the future of workforce engagement, it is safe to expect that those organizations prioritizing employee experience have much to gain, both in bottom-line results and an enhanced CX.

What you’ll learn:

    • Which workforce model will dominate in the post-pandemic world.
    • What the future holds for contact centre engagement and Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) tools.
    • What role collaboration will play in the contact centre between now and 2025.


EvaluAgent and Puzzel form strategic alliance to strengthen growth and support shared product visions

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Puzzel, the leading European provider of cloud contact centre solutions, has announced the signing of a new strategic alliance with EvaluAgent, a leading Quality Assurance and Performance Management platform.

As a result of the alliance, EvaluAgent’s technology will be integrated into the Puzzel’s Cloud based Customer Service Platform, designed to directly address some of the biggest workforce engagement and optimisation challenges contact centres face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

WHITE PAPER: Transform Customer Service with Next-Gen Knowledge

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By eGain

Over 5,000 consumers told us in a survey that the biggest hurdles to good customer experience are: “contact center agents are not knowledgeable,” “different agents give different answers,” and “I can’t find answers on the company website.”

At the same time, customer service contact center agents confessed that “finding the right answers” and “answer to different questions vary in different systems” posed the biggest hurdles in providing good customer service when the customer was on the line.

The reason for both experiences is the same: Legacy knowledge management (KM) systems that are failing to deliver answers and knowledge silos that create chaos for the business and the customer. The solution is also the same: Next-gen knowledge.

What are the characteristics of next-gen knowledge? How are Global 1000 innovators leveraging next-gen knowledge to transform customer service? What has been the payoff for them and their customers? How can you get going with next-gen knowledge? Know in this white paper.

Do you know what’s missing from your CX strategy?

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By Genesys

Our team here at Genesys have been hard at work creating a digital consultancy solution focused on Omnichannel Contact Centre.  This is in the form of an online self-assessment that will enable you to benchmark against industry standards, identify relevant use cases, and define your CX strategy roadmap.  We’d like to invite you to take advantage of this digital consultancy.

This online self-assessment should take just 5 minutes to complete. Our system will then generate a bespoke report for you which we can walk through. You can also share this invitation with other contacts within your business to complete the assessment and we will correlate the results.

Your report will show anonymously benchmarked results, an assessment of your strengths and also a specific action plan to show you the fastest path to an optimised position.

Just click here to complete your self-assessment and receive your report today!


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VeriCall is a 100% UK-based call centre that has not only won several awards for delivering exactly the kind of Customer Care that their customers require and deserve but also one that seeks to constantly evolve and improve its offering.

One example is the unique Payments in Social Media solution that allows team members to take totally secure PCI Compliant payments across all social media channels meaning that all business can be conducted on the customer’s platform of choice. Staying consistent throughout the process alleviates a huge source of frustration for the customer and making the process simpler makes doing business simpler too!

VeriCall has assembled a top quality group of ‘Customer Champions’ so that, no matter what business they are representing, their clients know that valued customers always receive the highest  possible standard of service across a wide range of platforms. VeriCall serves businesses through voice, SMS, email, live chat and social media so that no vital conversation is left unresolved – 24/7 and all year round.

The clients that have so far made use of VeriCall’s services are varied across a number of different sectors. They are able to handle enquires on topics including directory enquiries pay TV, financial advisors, travel & tourism, catering, service desk, telecoms, medical insurance and  housing repairs to just name a few! This shows the incredible range that the team is able to handle.

Whatever your industry or contact centre requirements VeriCall can help YOU so why not see why they have just been voted best Contact Center in the recent 2021 Contact Center World Awards by contacting us via our website on www.vericallsolutions.com or direct to VeriCall’s CEO adam.taylor@vericallsolutions.com.

How can working from home impact your customers?

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Many employees across the country are now working from home, and have been for some time. Transitioning from office to home on the face of it seems like a straight forward task of moving hardware when in fact what we’ve learnt over the passed year is that- one of the biggest mistake’s companies have made is thinking that is actually this straight forward.

Here’s some helpful tips to optimise your home working..

  • Communication

The biggest challenge companies have faced during the pandemic is optimising and directing the flow of information. No longer can you pop over to someone’s desk, organise a quick meeting or even overhearing some cross chatter which may be pertinent to you.

Take Notes: In a situation where people may not be online but would benefit from the information, take notes, write down updates in clear documents so that you can send/e-mail or pass over to whoever takes on the next shift.

Be Present: During meetings of chatter in the office, it’s easy to drift from one conversation to another whilst working.

  • Transparency

Having a clear understanding of workflow when changes occur is vital, again this is a lot easier in an office when you’re 2 feet away from each other but understanding a clear and efficient workflow is key to taking care of your customers.

The On Call Rota System by Ctalk allows you to create templates and rotas which are simple and easy to use. The rota can be changed when needed and send out notifications to your employees to remind them of work patterns.

  • Taking care of yourself

At first, working from home appeared to give more freedom and autonomy, however it can leave some feeling isolated from their peers. Regular exercise, communication and proactiveness can help and so can looking out for your colleagues. A quick call or message can do wonders for many and keep the flow of communication working.


EBOOK DOWNLOAD: Unlocking the potential of your #1 asset – Your people

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By Sabio Group

Are you in danger of leaving your people behind?

Despite the upheaval caused by Covid-19, the annual rate of attrition among UK contact centre advisors remained at around 15% to 20% in 2020. However, we are now starting to see a crisis in the industry, with attrition rates soaring.

With the estimated cost to replace and train advisors in a 500-seat contact centre each year said to be over £1m, many businesses are looking at new ways to bring down attrition rates – and improve customer experience as a result.

Digital and automation initiatives may transform contact centre efficiency, but they’re also fundamentally changing the nature of today’s contact centre advisor role. With your people left handling only the most urgent, complex and emotional interactions, this workload is placing huge pressures on your contact centre teams.

That’s why it’s time to turn your technology focus inwards – backing your advisors with the same innovative solutions that you’re already using to support your customer journeys. At Sabio we call this Human Service.

Our latest eBook explains how adopting such a Human Service approach can help unlock the true potential of your #1 asset – your people. We also identify how effectively supporting contact centre teams with the right technology and solutions can play a key role in starting to address worryingly high advisor attrition rates across our industry.

We also highlight the importance of monitoring advisor wellbeing, and discuss how delivering focused customer journey support can play a key role in reducing advisor frustration.

Download now to find out how you can support your advisors as they adapt to world of longer and more demanding interactions.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Service advisor mental health and wellbeing

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By Sabio Group

Why it’s time to look inwards and unlock the potential of your number one asset in a post-Covid world – your contact centre staff.

The growth of automation and self-service technology is helping organisations serve their customers in the way they want to engage. But have we stopped to consider the impact this is having on our contact centre agents?

Instead of handling a mix of interactions throughout a typical day, your contact centre team is being left to field only the more complex, urgent and emotional customer journeys. And this sustained workload is placing huge pressures on your advisors. There’s a real risk that you could be leaving your people behind

Contact centre agents have the most monitored role that exists. It’s time to turn the tracking of agents into a positive, it’s time to reinstill the human touch. It’s time to really care.

To find out more, download Sabio’s latest eBook which explains how adopting such a Human Service approach can help unlock the true potential of your #1 asset – your people.

WEBINAR REWIND: The future of AI in the contact centre

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Don’t worry if you missed last week’s insightful webinar about the future of AI in the contact centre – You can now re-watch the entire session online.

The in-depth discussion saw Paul Lasserre (Global Segment Lead for Applied AI solutions, AWS) explore the maturity of AI in the CX space, the key barriers to AI adoption, and the top predictions for the future of AI in the contact centre.

Contact centres worldwide are adopting AI technology to reimagine the customer journey and empower agents to deliver faster, more accurate customer service. Yet despite 89% of CX professionals recognising the importance of leveraging AI in the contact centre, only 14% of organizations consider themselves “transformational” in employing AI to do the heavy lifting for their business.

The session explore the obstacles organizations face on their journey to AI maturity and how can these barriers be overcome as automation becomes a CX standard.

Click Here To Watch Again