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  • WEBINAR: Leading Organisations are Embracing the GigCX Revolution – Learn Why and How

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    Thursday 25th June 2.00 pm (BST) / 9.00 am (EDT)

    Bricks and Mortar contact-centre operations continue to face challenges on multiple fronts:

    • Increasing cost of people
    • High levels of attrition
    • Staff absence
    • Limited agility to respond
    • Rapid adoption and acceptance of virtual working

    Seasonal peak demands and disruptions such as COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the vulnerability of the traditional contact-centres with their business model being significantly limited in its ability to respond effectively to such challenges.

    GigCX offers a strong business case: not only with respect to business risk mitigation but also with the potential it offers for delivering new, innovative service models that derive the maximum benefits from a distributed workforce.

    During this free-to-attend webinar, Ember’s industry-experienced specialists will be joined by guest panellists as they explore the rising adoption of GigCX and address some of the critical questions facing the market today:

    • What is GigCX
    • What are the benefits of introducing GigCX as a solution to your operating model?
    • How can GigCX support long-term economic sustainability?
    • What is the process of removing barriers within your organisation to introduce GigCX?

    This 50-minute webinar will be taking place on Thursday 25th June at 2.00 pm (BST) / 9.00 am (EDT) and to register please click here.

    Introducing the presenters:

    Mike Havard
    Group Director
    Ember Group

    Simon Dillsworth
    Managing Director
    Ember Group



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